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A Dentist in Glen Huntly With a Difference

What sets C4AD apart from regular dental clinics? We are holistic. We are purpose-built. We are inclusive and disability-compliant. Best of all, we deliver high-quality dentistry and orthodontics using the latest, most cutting-edge technology.

We provide gentle, professional dental care to all people of all needs. In our Glen Huntly dental clinic, patient comfort is our priority. We want you to have the best experience, as well as your dream smile. Whoever you are, you have a place at The Centre for Advanced Dentistry.

Come see our new Hygienist Ms Quynh Pham

Meet our Hygienist 

Ms Quynh Pham

We are thrilled to introduce the newest member of our dental family, Quynh Pham, our exceptional dental hygienist. With a wealth of experience, a compassionate nature, and a gentle touch, Quynh embodies the values and standards of our practice.

Quynh will be playing a crucial role in preserving and enhancing your oral health. She’ll be responsible for performing scale and cleans, ensuring your gums are in their best shape. Her dedication to your well-being and comfort is unmatched, making her a perfect fit for our team.

As we continue to provide comprehensive care, you can still expect Dr. Steinberg to oversee your regular dental examinations during your appointments. Together, they will ensure your dental health is in excellent hands.

We’re excited to have Quynh Pham on board, and we know you’ll appreciate the outstanding care and expertise she brings to our practice.

A Dentist in Glen Huntly
With Advanced Dental Technology

Receive the best possible results in the least amount of time with minimal to no discomfort

A Dentist in Glen Huntly That Knows Early-Stage Orthodontics

At C4AD, we go beyond the teeth and examine the mouth, jaw, and face as a whole. Our principal dentist in Glen Huntly, Dr Linda Steinberg, is highly knowledgeable in orthodontics. Her principal passion is the early identification of myofunctional and airway-related issues. Her aim is to prevent these issues from affecting children’s oral, facial, and sometimes behavioural or scholastic development. Dr Steinberg will perform the necessary X-rays and imaging services in-house to streamline the process. Early intervention and preventive care are what we’re all about.


Dental care is for everyone. At C4AD, we have gone the extra mile to design and build a clinic that’s accessible to people of all abilities. Patients can enter via elevator and take advantage of our wide walkways. C4AD prides itself on being your fully disability-compliant Glen Huntly dental clinic.

Special Offers

If you’re visiting for an orthodontic consultation, you can enjoy that on us! If you’re visiting for any other purpose, perhaps we can entice you with any one of our special offers.

Teeth Whitening

Not a fan of in-chair teeth whitening? Whiten your teeth on your own schedule. Enjoy a take-home teeth-whitening kit for only $250!


If you’re an orthodontics patient, all intraoral and extraoral photos and scans will cost only $500. Go ahead with your treatment plan and we’ll credit $500 towards your treatment costs!

Exceptional Service for All Ages

When we say we can cater to patients of all ages, we mean it. We are strong advocates for early intervention, meaning we could impart dental advice as early as the first day of life. Whether you’re zero, ninety-nine, somewhere in between, or even older than that, we can always intervene to bring about your best smile and ideal jaw alignment.

At our Glen Huntly dental clinic, age is not an object. Each patient is their own person with their own unique set of circumstances.

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