General Dentistry at your Local Dentist in Glen Huntly

From routine checkups to complex dental work, we deliver general dentistry with your comfort in mind.

General Dentistry With a Gentle Touch

C4AD is determined to transform your experience at the dentist. Like most dentists, we offer the full range of general dentistry. Unlike any other dentist, though, we’ll offer you a pair of Bluetooth headphones to wear throughout our procedures. Couple this with a ceiling-mounted screen above your dental chair and you’ve got a surefire distraction from dental anxiety. We invest in technology that aids patient comfort, even if it’s not related to dentistry itself.

We are the dentist in Glen Huntly that goes above and beyond to ease your anxieties associated with the dental chair.

We Use Only the Best Equipment and Technology

General dentistry encompasses a range of practices. Whether we’re delivering your routine checkup and clean or filling a tooth , we use only the best equipment, materials, and dental technology. We hand-pick our technology to ensure it is current and capable of delivering quality results in a way that ensures patient comfort and health. Experience the difference when you receive any of the following general dental treatments:

  • Check-up and clean
  • X-rays
  • Tooth extraction
  • Fillings.

The EMS Airflow Tooth-Cleaning System

We are one of 50 dental practices in Australia that use the EMS Airflow tooth-cleaning and gum care system. Imagine receiving dental treatments free of metal instruments, gritty pastes, and abrasive scrapings. With the EMS Airflow tooth-cleaning system, it’s all possible! This device promotes dental hygiene and gum care without the discomfort.

The EMS Airflow uses revolutionary technology to gently, effectively, and safely remove harmful bacteria and staining from your mouth without an instrument even touching your teeth. It uses a gentle stream of warmed water, fine powder, and air to gently exfoliate your teeth. Simply put, it’s like a spa experience for your teeth! And after the Airflow clean, it even looks like you have just had your teeth whitened!

“We are the dentist in Glen Huntly that goes above and beyond to ease your anxieties associated with the dental chair.”

Crowns and Bridges

If you require a stronger artificial tooth, crowns or bridges may be more suitable solutions than veneers. Crowns and bridges typically mimic the appearance of natural teeth, and you can also use them to chew. C4AD can create customised crowns and bridges colour-matched to your natural teeth. Whether you want a single crown or the three-in-one solution of a bridge, crowns and bridges are the closest aesthetic and functional match to natural teeth.