Dental Implants

Dr Steinberg has been placing dental implants for 15 years and she chooses to use MIS dental implants: a well-known, established dental implant brand. Whether you are looking to replace a single tooth or several teeth, we can help you at C4AD.

Dental Implants To Fill the Gaps

C4AD offers the most permanent tooth replacements of all: dental implants. When a permanent tooth cannot be saved, an implant is the strongest replacement available. Although dentures or bridges can be great smile solutions, implants are the one treatment that outlasts all others. These titanium screws fuse to the jawbone to replace your missing tooth roots, preventing any gum recession. 

The finishing touch is a dental crown, which is every bit as aesthetic and functional as a natural tooth. Dental crowns restore function and fill the gaps in your smile.

Placing Implants: A Simple, In-House Procedure

How many dental implants do you need? At C4AD, we can replace a single tooth or multiple. Alternatively, we can use implants to secure loose dentures. Whatever you decide, we can perform the entire procedure at C4AD using implant systems from MIS: a world-renowned implant company. 

The first step is to take a 3D X-ray and a digital impression of your teeth. Dr Steinberg will then take part in a virtual planning session with the implant laboratory to make an implant guide based on the X-ray and impression. She will then use this guide to place the titanium implant in exactly the right position under local anaesthetic. Once the implants have integrated with the jawbone, the transformation will be complete! 

When a permanent tooth cannot be saved, a dental implant is the strongest tooth replacement available on the market.

MIS Dental Implants

At C4AD, Dr Linda Steinberg uses global leading MIS Dental Implants technology to ensure her patients receive the best results. Using the latest and most advanced technology, MIS Dental Implants are made of biocompatible, medical-grade titanium alloy and are designed based on over 20 years of research. With MIS Dental Implants, your gum and bone tissue is preserved, and the technology minimises bone resorption. Nothing is left to chance with the MIS implant system. Once a 3D xray and intraoral digital impression is taken, Dr Steinberg utliises this information to consult with the planning team at MIS to select the size and position of the dental implant needed for each individual patient and then a customised surgical guide is constructed for each patient. This means that the surgery time is minimal and the accuracy and predictability is optimal.

Our dentists at C4AD choose MIS Dental Implants because they offer high initial stability after the procedure, and due to their design, they can be inserted with the highest level of accuracy. C4AD offers greater predictability and accuracy, so if you’re looking for the best outcome, book an appointment with C4AD to get your MIS dental implants.

Taking Care of Implants

Dental implant longevity is directly proportional to the quality of your dental care routine. They’re the next best thing to natural teeth, so it follows that they would require similar care. Whether you’re caring for natural teeth or dental implants, our best advice is to brush twice daily, floss at least once daily, and visit the dentist every six months. Dental crowns require some extra TLC, so ensure you’re using a soft-bristled toothbrush and low-abrasive toothpaste free from stain-removing agents and baking soda. Harsh ingredients such as these can wear down the acrylics and glaze from porcelain implants.

When brushing, don’t forget to brush around and under your dental crowns. An angle-necked or interdental toothbrush can help you access those hard-to-reach places—especially if your crown is towards the back of the mouth.