Our Technology

We Use the EMS Airflow Tooth-Cleaning System

Did you know that just 40 dental practices throughout Australia use the EMS Airflow tooth-cleaning system? At C4AD, we are proud to count ourselves among this elite number! The EMS Airflow eliminates everything there is to hate about the dentist. There are no metal instruments, gritty pastes, or abrasive scrapings. When we use this system, you receive a thorough dental clean minus the pain and discomfort. Sign yourself up for a low-contact clean below!

What if you could get a filling without experiencing that numbness that sticks around for hours afterwards?

We Use an Injection Technique That Doesn’t Hurt

You read that correctly. At our Glen Huntly dental clinic, we control the flow rate and pressure of your anaesthetic during an injection. It’s due to our computer-assisted anaesthetic machine called The Wand. With your dentist in Glen Huntly in control, we can administer virtually painless anaesthesia that doesn’t leave you feeling numb. Walk away from procedures without the side effects and get on with your life faster!

We Use the Carestream 9600

Sometimes, regular dental or facial X-rays aren’t enough. That’s where the Carestream 9600 comes in. We use this dental technology to deliver cone-beam computed tomography—in other words, we develop three-dimensional images of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways, bones, and airway volumes all in a single scan. From there, we use these digital images to view and measure jaws and teeth, diagnose, and develop accurate treatment plans for major dental procedures.

We Keep Things Clean With Intraoral Scanners

Intraoral scanners are the cleaner and more comfortable alternative to dental impression putty. If we need to take a three-dimensional dental impression, our intraoral scanner is immediately ready to use. Not only are these scanners time-efficient, but they’re non-invasive and cleaner all-round. They speed up workflows, eliminate dental anxiety, and involve zero clean-up.